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Aldo van Eyck – WORKS

Aldo van Eyck – WORKS

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Aldo van Eyck, the "Grand Old Man" of Dutch architecture, is one of the most significant architects of the previous century. He exerted a strong influence on his contemporaries during the sixties and seventies, and this can be seen in many of their buildings both in the Netherlands and worldwide. It was not merely his way of looking at buildings which was influential, but also his perception of architecture; his visual thinking, his way of perceiving and structuring time and space, events and social coexistence. The architectonic treatises he wrote are still relevant and useful today.

By studying the living areas of the Dogon in West Africa and the housing in the pueblos in New Mexico, Van Eyck arrived at a new form of architecture and plan shapes and developed his theory of their 'configurative process'. His ideas were disseminated in the main through the architectural periodical FORUM of which he was the editor and most influential spokesman. The architect's task according to Van Eyck was to go beyond stylistic forms to create a functional archiutecture, which would foster communication and spontaneity in people's life together.


For the present publication, the architect opened his substantial archive and provided unpublished original texts, plans and photographs. All main buildings and projects from 1944 to the turn of the century are documented in depth. An introduction by Vincent Ligtelijn explains clearly and lucidly the ideas and the design principles which underlie the conception of Van Eyck's buildings.
Also included is a preface by Joseph Rykwert and texts by Henk Engel, Herman Hertzberger, Peter Smithson and Francis Strauven, which pay tribute to the unique and multifaceted nature of Van Eyck and his world.


English version only

Vincent Ligtelijn a.o.

Hardbound edition / 26,5 x 24 cm

312 pages / 750 illustrations in colour and b/w

Price: € 95,00

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