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 Lab Amsterdam: Working, Learning, Reflections

Lab Amsterdam: Working, Learning, Reflections

Auteur(s) Stan Majoor, Marie Morel, Alex Straathof, Frank Suurenbroek & Willem van Winden
Taal English
Bindwijze Paperback
Formaat 17 x 24 cm
Omvang 216 pages
Verschenen November 2017
ISBN 978 90 6868 733 0
Prijs € 19,95

Amsterdam as a lab. That is what Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences' three fieldlabs and its many partners have in mind. Functional illiteracy, debts, learning deficiencies or problems caused by extreme precipitation: the city contains plenty of tough issues, demanding novel approaches in which co-creation and participation by residents, social organizations and knowledge institutions are basic principles.

In the fieldlabs, people try to change current practices by working with, instead of for or on behalf of those whom it concerns. But how to achieve effective learning environments between parties? How to encourage stakeholder participation in complex issues? And how to build new relations and roles?


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